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Blackberry Sage: sweet blackberries, sprinkled with sage
Breathe Easy: a cool crisp blend of camphor, eucalyptus, & mint…great for congested noses
Caramel Cinnamon Latte: fresh coffee, spicy cinnamon & hot sweet vanilla caramel
Champagne Bubbles: grapefruit, orange, lemon & lime
Citrus Sage: clean citrus & musky sage
Clean Slate: fresh clean notes of coriander & the citrus of bergamot
Coconut Milk & Lavender: lavender blended with silky french vanilla, infused with coconut milk
Coffee Bean: the best part of waking up...a fresh brewed cup!
Cool Citrus Basil: refreshing orange, lemon & basil
Cranberry Orange Zest: cranberry spice & juicy orange zest
Eucalyptus: fresh crushed eucalyptus leaves
Farmers Market: apples & clementine spiced with cinnamon, clove & nutmeg
Granny Smith Apple: the true scent of a just sliced juicy green apple
Green Bamboo: soothing notes of green bamboo, heliotrope, hibiscus & violet
Hawaiian Sandalwood: an exotic blend of cedar, red teak & sandalwood with a touch of patchouli & vanilla
Head Case: get your mind straight with calming lavender, cleansing sage & rosemary for remembrance
Kitchen Fresh: mandarin orange & lemon, rounded out with lemongrass & aloe vera
Lavender: fresh pure lavender
Lemon & Lavender: a crisp blend of tart lemon & fresh lavender
Lemongrass & Sage: a fresh blend of lemongrass & musky sage
Lily of the Valley: a soft fragrance from a delicate flower
Little Black Dress: white carnation, blood orange, sandalwood, rose & patchouli
Macintosh Apple: pure crunch...juicy red Mac apple
Peony White Tea: the spicy fragrance of peony white tea, blended with flowers & berries
Rosemary Mint: the name says it all
Sea Salt & Peony: fresh notes of sea salt, peony, geranium & pink ginger
Sweetgrass: a sweet clean herbal blend to put you in a meditative mood
Vanilla Chai Tea: a blend of vanilla, green & black teas with clove & cinnamon
Vanilla Coffee: dark roast coffee, sweetened with creamy vanilla
Vanilla Voodoo: alluring & intriguing…sinful rich vanilla & a hint of magic

COVID has impacted our candle business! Since we re-opened in June, supplies are increasingly hard to find and shipping those items has been delayed. We are working hard to keep our prices down to remain the best value while making the best candles.

Because of these challenges, our process time has increased. We pour our candles to order and ask that you allow 10 days for your order to arrive. As a small business we use USPS Priority to offer you the best shipping rates. Unfortunately the 2 and 3 days shipping process of the past has turned into 4-5 days for our candles to reach our customers.

We so appreciate your support of our candle company. We know you have many choices where to buy candles and are grateful for our customers' loyalty, patience and growing need for AROMATHERAPY!