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Special Offer Announcement CORRECTION FOR LINK

Jul 6, 2010

Calling all Pure Scents Candle Company Friends, Family, Clients and more!!

We have a GREAT new promotion for you! Get a $10 Gift Certificate to Pure Scents Candles online orders!!

Do You Bake? and Pure Scents Candle Company has teamed up! Just order at least $30 in Do You Bake? products online from the link below and instantly you will receive a $10 gift certificate in your email to any Pure Scents Candle Company Purchase!

A little about our products...

Do You Bake’s products stand out from the crowd because they just taste so darn good. That’s not the best part--all the mixes and blends are all-natural and never filled with chemicals and colorings. You’ll find the mixes and meal and side-dish makers are easy to make by simply adding a few ingredients. Yes, it is possible to eat better and still enjoy great taste. Do You Bake? also packs in eco-friendly flexible packaging.

Pure Scents Candle Company creates 100% soy candles which are hand poured and drenched in fragrance. Our clean burning candles come in a variety of scents. Our new scents for summer have been added to our scent list. You’ll always find a selection to match your mood and moment.

Enjoy the warm appeal of a candle and savor a fine dessert while saving money! Order a minimum of $30 at our Do You Bake website below (not including shipping) and you will receive a $10 gift certificate for Pure Scents Candle Company right to your email. Just order through http://www.doyoubake.com/affiliate/affiliateprofile.php?affiliatename=Pure%20Scents%20Candle%20Company

If you can't click through, just cut and paste the above link. That's all it takes!

Please note: this offer can not be combined with any other offers and must be ordered through this link.