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Newsletters > Finally! Spring/Summer List from Pure Scents
Finally! Spring/Summer List from Pure Scents

Apr 8, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for the delay in rolling out the Spring/Summer list. Too much testing, not enough typing.

Spring is welcome after a harsh winter for so many, and you'll see many of our favorite floral and citrus scents are back. Thanks to all of you who have requested those. We will add additional new scents along the way.

Sadly, some of the best sellers will be unavailable, as a few more fragrance companies have closed.I remain committed to purchasing US made supplies, so we will try to replicate some scents, while finding many new ones to enjoy.

With the Spring, comes the start of my favorite season...Farmer's Market season! I got to participate in the Winter market at a local spot in Phoenixville, PA. We even gathered the Saturday before Valentine's Day. After we got almost 2 feet of snow the 2 previous days! And the people came, which was great.

If you are local to the Chester County area, come see us! We will participate in the Great Valley FM, the Phoenixville FM, the King of Prussia FM and possible more.

And if you're not local go find your own Farmer's Market. You will be so glad that you did!

As always please check our events calendar for local selling events. More details on the dates and times for markets and festivals are on the calendar page at www.purescentscandlecompany.com

Finally, we have joined the Facebook crowd, sort of. As I am responsible for the content and frequency of posts, I promise you will not be inundated with messages if you became a fan! Just search for Pure Scents Candle Company, and if you do join, thank you.

Best Regards,

Margaret Mace
Pure Scents Candle Company