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Thank You from Pure Scents

Nov 3, 2008

Greetings and Gratitude!

I am excited to mark a milestone this month. One year ago, I purchased Pure Scents Candle Company! It has been a year of hard work and great rewards, and I have everyone who purchased (and repurchased!) our products to thank. Thank you for your support, your helpful suggestions and feedback. Thanks for your words of praise for our candles. Thanks for your complaints as well. Those taught me valuable lessons in humility and problem solving! Thanks for coming out to meet us at our local events, and for inviting us to participate in your fundraisers. Thanks to our new retail partners for taking a chance on us, and thanks to the retailers who stuck with us through the transition!

I am thrilled that our candles are growing in popularity, and to know that our loyal customers span the country. It has been a pleasure hearing from so many of you this year! I promise to continue to maintain the quality of our product and customer service.

It's looking to be a very busy Holiday season! I have been asked by many of you to get the Holiday Scent list out, so here it is! We have a few more new additions to test, and will add them as they are approved. But the 2008 Holiday list should at least get you started...www.purescentscandlecompany.com and click on the Scent Description page to see the new list.

And since it is a new month, the new Scent of the Month for November is....Gingered Pumpkin! I know, another pumpkin scent! Nothing else will do this month (there is no good Turkey Scent...yet!) While I'm not a pumpkin fan, this Gingered Pumpkin is fantastic - the ginger cuts the sweetness of pumpkin for a wonderful warm scent.

Not to wish away this month, but plan on shopping with us on Cyber Monday! The Monday after Thanksgiving, we will offer Free Shipping on orders over $25. So get your gift list together and let us take care of impressing your friends and family with your thoughtfulness! And don't forget to put your own name at the top of that list!

For our local candle buyers, we will participate in many sales events in November & December, so come and find us! We will be in Chester Springs, Kimberton/Phoenixville, West Chester and more places. Check out our Event Calendar for the listings. If you plan to come to any of the sales and want to be sure you get your favorites, email us in plenty of time to pour your order. We will bring it to the show you want, and you'll avoid shipping charges! If you know of a craft event you want us to attend, please let us know, we are always looking for a good venue.

Thanks again for a wonderful year!


Margaret Mace
Pure Scents Candle Company