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25% off Spring Cleaning Sale! Limited Quantities!

May 27, 2008

As I am ever the procrastinator, I finally got some Spring cleaning done on our retail space over at the Eagle's Nest, in Downingtown, PA. Just in time for summer!

We often pour extras of your favorites when you order online. And we were very busy pouring for fundraisers.
So I gathered up some of these and have set up a special sale page: Sale - Purchase Items Here. Along with a page of scent descriptions for the sale items: Sale - Scent Descriptions.

I hope that we can keep populating this page as we move through our inventory. This is a good way to stock up on your favorites. Or to try some scent you may have been curious about.

Keep in mind though, that most of these will be only one of each container. And the sale price only applies to the amount and container listed on the "Sale - Purchase items Here page.

Your suggestions and requests are still coming in, and for that I thank you! They keep us on our toes! We are working on a new container to offer, and sample sizes of our wax for tart warmers. We will let you know as they develop.

Best Regards,

Margaret Mace
Pure Scents Candle Company