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Pure Scents' Spring List with Brand New Fragrances

Apr 2, 2008

Hello Friends,

I don't know about you, but I have a serious case of
Spring Fever! So I am happy to introduce the Spring Scent

Thanks for your help in sending your requests, please keep
them coming! I hope you are happy to see some old
favorites. And we are excited to bring some brand new ones,
that I am sure you will love.

We are rolling out our new Buyer Rewards Program! If you
buy 9 8oz or larger) candles, the 10th is FREE!

Check out the details on the website page, and take
advantage! All of your purchases so far this year qualify,
just email us to find out how many candles you've bought.
Please review the restrictions, because I know I hate

We continue to improve on our product and website as we
respond to your input. Since customer service is important
to us, we love to hear from you. Whether it's a favorite
fragrance, or a suggestion about the site, keep them
coming! Thanks to you, I have discovered some great new
scents, like Cactus & Sea Salt!

We are also considering grouping the scents differently to
help you find some new choices that you might like. More on
that to follow.

In the meantime, remember...when life gets too stressful,
light a Pure Scents Candle!

Margaret Mace