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Newsletters > Black Friday Sale! 20% off 'til Midnight tonight!
Black Friday Sale! 20% off 'til Midnight tonight!

Nov 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

Have you seen the new shapes and sizes of your favorite
candles? If not, now is the time!

We are kicking off the Holiday Season with a Black Friday
sale! What better way to beat the crowds than to order all
of your favorites for the season?

Until Midnight, EST Friday November 23rd, receive 20% off
your order!

And a reminder to place your Holiday orders as soon as
possible! Because we offer a hand-crafted item, our order
process takes 5-7 business days. For this reason, we will
be unable to fill Holiday orders after December 14th. Of
course we will still be working to fill any orders, they
just might not get to you by December 25th!

I must say how thankful I am to be taking over this
company. I am also thankful to the former owner, Jackie,
for creating such a wonderful product. Having been a long
time fan, I look forward to producing the same quality, and
taking Pure Scents Candles on a great ride!

Pure Scents Candle Company