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16 oz Tin

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This 16 oz candle comes in a Seemless Aluminum Tin with Aluminum Lid. This candle is triple wicked for excellent scent dispersion.

COVID has impacted our candle business! Since we re-opened in June, supplies are increasingly hard to find and shipping those items has been delayed. We are working hard to keep our prices down to remain the best value while making the best candles.

Because of these challenges, our process time has increased. We pour our candles to order and ask that you allow 10 days for your order to arrive. As a small business we use USPS Priority to offer you the best shipping rates. Unfortunately the 2 and 3 days shipping process of the past has turned into 4-5 days for our candles to reach our customers.

We so appreciate your support of our candle company. We know you have many choices where to buy candles and are grateful for our customers' loyalty, patience and growing need for AROMATHERAPY!